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The EQUAL Programme
European Integration Project (EIP) manages the Transnational element of the British Refugee Council's involvement in the EQUAL Programme. The EQUAL Community Initiative aims to develop new solutions to exclusion and discrimination in the labour market, by working in partnership across the EU. The British Refugee Council is the lead agency in an UK partnership focusing on the social and vocational integration of asylum seekers, and has formed a transnational partnership with the Danish Red Cross, working on similar issues. EIP is also in partnership with the Dublin Vocational Education Committee and the Kista Open Academy in Sweden. These transnational partnerships facilitate the exchange of good practices developed during the implementation of the national EQUAL programmes.

EIP plays a key role in Europe-wide networking and policy development under the EQUAL programme and represents ECRE on the steering group of the Asylum Seekers European Thematic Group. The European Thematic Group (ETG) aims to play an important role in the identification and dissemination of European good practice and policy lessons that are helping asylum seekers to integrate.

EIP produces a regular bulletin on refugee employment rights and more general topics related to integration. If you would like receive the bulletin, please use the following subscribing form or contact Saba Khan, the project's Information Officer, on +44 (0)20 7820 3080.

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Further information

For details of EQUAL programmes throughout Europe visit the EQUAL Common Database.

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Find out more about the Asylum Seekers European Thematic Group [ETG5], other Development Partnerships, their transnational activities, the ETG5 policy framework and working methodology on the European Commission website.

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