LLU+ (formerly the London Language and Literacy Unit),
London South Bank University

LLU+ (formerly the London Language and Literacy Unit) at London South Bank University is an organisation delivering professional development and consultancy to teachers and managers of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), literacy, and numeracy education. It is currently leading the ESOL Strand of the LSC Quality Initiative Professional Development Project.

LLU+ aims to contribute to the ASSET UK project by improving the educational experience of asylum seekers in ESOL, literacy and numeracy classes. It will do this through a series of professional development opportunities for teachers of asylum seekers, advice and support on the running of educational provision for asylum seekers and products for teachers.

  1. Professional development for teachers of asylum seekers

    • Free places are being offered to teachers of asylum seekers on a new Certificate Programme in Adult Literacy, Adult Numeracy and ESOL Education. This is being developed and accredited at London South Bank University.
    • A new course, Teaching Basic Literacy to ESOL Learners, has been developed and is accredited at London South Bank University. It is run for teachers of asylum seekers and will be held several times in different parts of the country. As part of the exit strategy, LLU+ is developing and will pilot a 'training the teacher trainers' course. This will enable teachers to learn to run the course themselves and train other teachers.

  2. Advice, support and training

    • Advice, support and training is being offered to organisations teaching ESOL to asylum seekers on all aspects of running provision. This will be related to the implementation of the Adult ESOL Core Curriculum and could include assessment and goal setting, syllabus planning, teaching techniques, monitoring achievement and external and internal accreditation.

  3. Products for teachers

  4.     LLU+:
    • is providing organisations working with asylum seekers with a range of videos and teaching materials
    • has produced teaching notes to go with a video on beginner literacy

    For more information about any of these initiatives, please contact:

    Helen Sunderland or Pauline Moon or telephone +44 (0)20 7815 6290.


The UK Asylum Seekers Development Partnership - ASSET UK is part funded by the European Social Fund under the Equal Community Initiative Programme.