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This site has been developed with accessibility in mind. On each page there are a number of options to try and help make browsing our site easier for everyone. But to use all these options the browser preference JavaScript has to be enabled.

First of all for those who prefer to change the font size we have developed a system that allows users with graphical browsers to view the site in different font sizes.

There is also a reverse style layout which may be appropriate for those with a low bandwidth connection or users with assistive technologies.

Furthermore there is the option of a printer-friendly layout which will only print the main content.

Along with accessibility issues this site has also been designed to fully accommodate current web standards. It is viewable with any Internet device at any resolution but it is best viewed with a standards compliant web browser. Most of today's web browsers that support CSS and XHTML should have no problem seeing this site at its best.

This site has implemented the following accesskeys to aid people using screen readers. You can use the [Alt] key together with the listed keys for navigation with the keyboard.



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The UK Asylum Seekers Development Partnership - ASSET UK is part funded by the European Social Fund  under the Equal  Community Initiative Programme.

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